A2B Motorsport INTERNALLY Gated G30 Turbo Kit

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Introducing what will probably end up the top dog for the 4 Cylinder MQB Street cars and even the racing ones we are proud to finally have ready and out there our INTERNALLY GATED G Series turbo it!

Utilizing the Original Garrett Housings with slight modifications for better boost control and fitment, our turbo kit utilizes the electronic wastegate actuator to ensure ANY tuner can tune the turbo kit and EASE of use on the end user as no additional tuning of a boost controller is needed.  More geared at the less hardcore racers and people looking for a reliable turbo setup for the street with ease of tuneability. 

All Charge pipes are fabricated in house here with all FFE Racing Serrated pipe ends and come with silicone couplers and Turbosmart Constant Tension clamps.  Charge pipes come with either Turbosmart BOV Flange or OEM BOV Flange.

All coolant and oil lines use our XRP G Series Line kit we use on the external kit.

Head Flange adaptor is made here in the USA by our design and not sold separately. 

This kit comes standard with a basic 3.5” intake as well and all lines gaskets and hardware needed to install the kit.

Kit includes:

-G Series Turbocharger - G30-770 or G30-900 Standard Rotation
-Downpipe and Midpipe for AWD or FWD
-Head Adaptor
-Charge pipes from turbo to Intercooler (Comes with flange for OEM DV mounting standard, can be optioned for Turbosmart BOV as pictured at checkout). Charge pipes come standard with Serated hose ends and Turbosmart Constant Tension Hose Clamps.
-3.5" Intake
-All Silicone Couplers and Turbosmart Constant Tension Hose Clamps
-All Gaskets, O-Rings, and Hardware needed for install.
-All XRP Coolant and Oil Lines made for Turbo Kit