A2B Motorsport Twin Fuel Pump Kit for MQB Cars

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Introducing out own solution to the higher horse power DAZA cars that do not want to run a surge tank.  We use a very simple method to installing 1000whp capable fuel system that is reliable and keep you kicking ass. 

Unlike competing kits, this kit is easily installed into the basket and saves a lot of time of everything being in one place.  No cursing and getting pissed off trying to install the assembly into the fuel tank.

By removing the internal fuel filter and internal regulator, we install using an adaptor designed in house to fit a walbro fuel pump into the 2nd location.  We move the fuel pressure regulation outside of the tank using a radium fuel pump regulator mounted on a CNC bracket we provide mounted to the underside of the car.  Using our XRP PLUS Proplus 6 fuel line all though out with crimped connections, you will have a leak free and upgraded fuel system all the way from front to rear of the car.  In line we provide a XRP serviceable fuel filter that is installed by the Coolant bottle.

All Kits now ship with a plug and play harness as of 11/24/2022.  This harness makes install a breeze and follows the OEM wiring.

This kit will work as well in all 4 Cyl MQB Cars just requires the purchase of our DIY Retrofit kit with Module as well to work and would have to be purchased as a brand new assembly.


We offer it in 3 Flavors,

  1. Brand New Assembly: You get a whole brand new kit, Brand new Pump, Brand New everything.
  2. Send in your Pump for Modification: You get a everything brand new except you send us your fuel pump for modification into the twin pump.  It saves you some money, you just loose time as its a 3-5 day turn around once we receive the fuel pump.
  3. Core Exchange with a Used Pump:  We send you a kit.  You send us your core back in for a $300 refund back to you once we receive and inspect it.


Kit Contents:

  • A2B Motorsport Twin Pump with Hermatic Connection and Return fitting on the Top Hat
  • A2B Motorsport Complete XRP Fuel Line Kit
  • Radium Regulator
  • Radium Adjustable Pressure Switch
  • Regulator Mounting Plate
  • Radium DIY 2nd Pump Wiring Kit
  • Misc Hardware
  • XRP Fuel Filter