A2B Motorsport 4Cyl MQB 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit

A2B Motorsport 4Cyl MQB 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit

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Introducing our 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit for the MQB 4 Cylinder Cars!

This kit allows for the Engine Control Module to read boost pressures above the stock 3 bar limit.  Using the OE Bosch 4 Bar sensor in the charge pipe for OEM Fitment and a boost tap machined for the 5 bar sensor in the manifold to install the 5 Bar AEM Stainless sensor to allows boost pressure to be increased to 39+psi.

The decision to use a 5 bar AEM sensor over another bosch 4 bar sensor is that the bosch 4 bar sensor can not see into vacuum when cruising or under partial throttle. This results in awkward drivability issues and fuel trims to be wild in those conditions.  The 5 Bar AEM sensor allows the ECM to see into vacuum in those conditions and still uses the OEM MAP sensor to monitor intake air temp.  

Our hand made harness is included to eliminate all cutting in splicing and complete plug and play with the factory engine harness.  

We offer the kit with or without the boost tap as well in the drop down options.

Kits Contents:

  • AEM 5 Bar MAP Sensor
  • Genuine Bosch 4 Bar Pressure Sensor for Charge Pipe (If Chosen as an option in the dropdown above.)
  • A2B Motorsport AEM 5 Bar Sensor Harness
  • Boost Tap 
  • Misc Adaptors

NOTE: This will require software changes to be performed by your tuner.


2-3 Week wait is normal and to be expected due to high volume of orders.

How to Install the 5 Bar: