A2B Motorsport 4Cyl MQB Garrett G-Series Turbo Kit

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Introducing the A2B Motorsport Garrett G30 Series Turbo Kit for 2.0T MQB Gen 3 Engine Cars!  Our Turbo kit utilizes the new G-Series Turbo Chargers introduced by Garrett for small displacement engines.  We have been finding on these engines the cars make roughly 15-17% Difference of the rating of the turbocharger with quicker spool then other big turbo kits on the market.  Using the Turbosmart Comp40 Wastegate mounted directly onto the turbine housing there is virtually no boost creep and no issues of the internal gate not being able to stay shut.  We were able to also able to sort the turbocharger out to allow you to use any stock location downpipe on the market currently.  The external wastegate comes preloaded with a 14psi spring and may require additional springs to be added to hit wanted boost levels.  We provide and include the chargepipe from the turbocharger to the intercooler with the flange to relocate the DV on the charge pipe.  All together the Kits and results speak for themselves.

Any Questions email us at Sales@a2bmotorsport.net

Key Points:

  • Utilizes any stock location downpipe on the market.(Tested with 3.5" Downpipes)
  • Utilizes the stock Oil Return Line and Stock Coolant Fittings and lines.
  • Utilizes any stock location Intake that fits a 3.5" Coupler.
  • Externally Wastegated for maximium boost control
  • External Boost Controller for Boost by Gear and options.  Can change boost profiles and maping on the fly.
  • G30 Turbine housings 660, 770, 900

*We generally recommend starting with the 14psi spring, tune to max, and then add springs to 19-20psi spring ratings are in it and retune.

*End user is responsible for boost control tuning.  This should be performed by a professional shop or someone with experience and understanding of how to do it. 

*Kits compatible with all tuners as long as they can tune for an external controller, most of the results we have are from United Motorsport.  Testing with EQT using a cobb will start after the new year.

G30-770 38psi