A2B Motorsport 4Cyl MQB Garrett G-Series Externally Gated Turbo Kit

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Finally after some long long nights and changes and a missing piece provided to us by some new friends, we are happy to announce the redesign of or G30 and G35 turbo kit for the 4 Cylinder MQB Volkswagen and Audi!

Using the @peron_automotive head adaptor we then made the turbo kit as easy and user friendly as possible to install while still producing the good results of our previous kit!

Available with an open dump or a recirculated dump to downpipe, this is the most complete kit on the market right now. Midpipes come with the kit and are also FWD and AWD specific.

Utilizing the turbosmart Hyper45 Gate allows perfect boost control when coupled with the Cortex Electronic Boost Controller integrated into the canbus allowing for Ethanol safety to be added to the controller enabling boost by ethanol. The controller also allows for full closed loop control as well stopping retuning every time the weather changes and boost to be kept perfectly in check.

Charge pipes all come standard with serated ends on them instead of the traditional bead rolled ends making blowing off a charge pipe next to impossible. Charge pipes come with OEM DV flange welded to them or with optional Turbosmart flange for The Turbosmart BOV with solenoid to keep ecm control of the valve.

The Turbo is modified ONLY at the comp cover with a 90 degree and serated end welded to it. Added to it is a P Clamp drawn up to mount the Mac valve to and with holes along the outside for cable management and to as well mount the electronic actuator to instead of having it find somewhere to tie it up to.

This kit comes standard with a basic 3.5” intake as well and all lines gaskets and hardware needed to install the kit.

Any Questions email us at Sales@a2bmotorsport.net

Key Points:

  • Complete Kit from The Intake all the way to the midpipes. 
  • Includes all Lines for coolant and Oil
  • Include complete intake and complete downpipe with either a recirc or dump tube and midpipe for AWD or FWD.
  • External Wastegate is shipped with 21psi base spring pressure
  • Cortex EBC Allows us to completely remap boost control for precise fine tuning for racing or daily driving.
  • Boost Controller tuning is free with purchase for of the kit.  Any updates needed after initial tuning for exhaust changes or such are subject to charge.
  • G30 Turbine housings 660, 770, 900
  • Turbosmart Constant tension Hose Clamps and Serrated Hose ends prevent any boost leaks or blowing off hoses.

*Kits compatible with all tuners as long as they can tune for an external controller, most of the results we have are from United Motorsport.  

Kit includes:

-G Series Turbocharger - G30-770 or G30-900 with MAC Valve Mount
-Turbosmart Hyper45 Wastegate
-Downpipe and Midpipe for AWD or FWD
-Head Adaptor
-Charge pipes from turbo to Intercooler (Comes with flange for OEM DV mounting standard, can be optioned for Turbosmart BOV as pictured at checkout). Charge pipes come standard with Serated hose ends and Turbosmart Constant Tension Hose Clamps.
-Cortex Electronic Boost Controller and MAC Valve with Can-Bus integration Module for Boost by gear, and other by RPM Features. Also can be used for Nitrous and Water/Meth Controller. Initial Tuning of controller is free with purchase of the kit, changes due to changes in hardware is charged.
-3.5" Intake
-All Silicone Couplers and Turbosmart Constant Tension Hose Clamps
-All Gaskets, O-Rings, and Hardware needed for install.
-All XRP Coolant and Oil Lines made for Turbo Kit
-All Wastegate Lines and Fittings and Heat wrap

G30-770 38psi