A2B Motorsport 2.0T EA888.1/2/3 Engine Gasket/Hardware Kit

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Looking for all the Gaskets and OEM Hardware needed for rebuilding your 2.0T TSI Engine? Look no further.  We have put together kits for all of the 2.0T Engines, Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 engines.

Gaskets and Hardware Kit Includes:

  • Dipstick Oring
    Main Cap Bolt
    Main Cap Cross Bolt
    Deck Dowls
    Upper Oil Pan Bolts Outer
    Upper Oil Pan Bolts Inner
    Upper Oil Pan Bolt Big
    PCV Gasket
    Head Gasket
    Cam Bridge
    Cam Bridge Bolts
    Trust Washer
    Flywheel Bolts
    Dampener Bolt
    Thermostat Housing gasket
    Coolant Flange Gasket
    Thermostat Union
    Cylinder Head Nipple Breather
    Oil Filter Hosuing Bracket Gasket
    Fuel Injector Seal Kit
    Intake Manifold Gasket
    Vacuum Pump Gasket
    HPFP Oring

Master Rebuild Kit is all of the above plus our Timing chain kit.