A2B Motorsport MQB 2.0T Boost Tap

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Now available separate from our 5 bar kits, is the boost tap we use in out 5 Bar Map sensor kits.  Where we used to purchase the taps from another vendor and modify them in house, we went a head and improved on that design by tightening the tolerances of the tap in the manifold and using improved orings for a 100% tight seal, and changing the port designs to have two 1/6th NPT fittings allowing barbs or plugs(Included), and a 1/8th NPT Fitting for various auxiliary equipment such as hobbs switches to actuate things with boost pressure or for aftermarket maps sensors or other sensors.



  • Boost Tap
  • Securing Clip
  • 1/16th NPT Plugs x2
  • 1/16th NPT Barbs x2

You will need to piece the manifold end and we recommend using green Loctite on the plugs or barbs.  

NOTE: The plugs will not screw in more then a few threads till they are super tight.  this is normal as the thread is tapered to seal.  Apply a drop of green or blue Loctite on the plugs and barbs before installing to prevent them from vibrating out.